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Rapid Cross-Platform 3D Development Tool
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The Yellow Thorn is a software company dedicated to delivering the most innovative web, desktop, and mobile applications and services. We strive to push the boundaries of what is currently possible across all device platforms.
We work on a variety of projects. Our services range from web development to building mobile and desktop games. Our goal for our clients is to architect software that improves engagement and provides unique experiences for their customer base. With our game development tools, we aim to reduce production times and improve the development experience.
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SandCastle in Action
Build high-quality worlds with SandCastle for your ActionScript projects. Make use of our terrain brush generator for realistic terrain formations, and our mobile development optimizations for screaming-fast mobile rendering.
  • 16-bit height maps for extensive terrain detail control
  • Height maps compatible with Unity3D
  • Unlimited terrain layers
  • Simplified color terrain material for improved mobile performance
  • Extensively customizable water with wave animation
  • Create and preview unlimited terrain options on the fly
Memory Match Halloween
A fun, challenging new take on a memory matching game! Boasting three different level types, Memory Match Halloween will put your memory, concentration, and reflexes to the test.